February 2, 2023


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An ash, the kind of tree which no one cares
About, the kind cut down and not replanted,
Turns the most amazing yellow each year
When the autumn comes, and look at you!
Out of the office, hair unbunned and glasses
Off, you nearly outshine that old tree.
I weary of self-conscious beauties,
Cherries blossoming in spring and babes
Too done-up for a trip at midday
To the grocery store.  I much prefer surprise
Unveilings, trash trees along fence rows
Showing off their autumn underwear,
Or you, Miss Mousy from accounting,
Shyly showing yours.


© Lawrence Beck 2022

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  1. We have two young mountain ash (Rowan) trees, one to the front and one to the back of our house as these are guardians; so, no shame in any ash; as, with the subtle loveliness of the unconscious beauty you so aptly convey in your poem. Another gem Lawrence.

  2. This beauty caught my eyes first and that’s why I opened this page to read the poem…By the way, Ash may be a tree no one cares…but you know this tree has an airy canopy. So, it often lets sunlight onto the forest floor and flowers grow underneath them. So, some may have unnoticed hidden value. Meaningful poem Lawrence. I wish you all the best

  3. Amazing how you combine humor and intended message to the readers.. I love how you play with words and that is a rare talent. Congratulations.

  4. You are very right, beauty can be found in unexpected places, and the beauty of surprise is something to cherish. The comparison you have drawn in the poem is very true, the beauty found in unexpected places is very authentic and compelling when it is not contrived or self-conscious. It is a very charming and delightful poem. Liked it.

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