February 2, 2023


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We need to understand that there is love, and there is love, and there is LOVE.  They are all elements of love. This is about a love, a juvenile love, it was never LOVE. LOVE was reserved exclusively for the beautiful lady who gave me the greatest LOVE of all, my dear wife, Linda.


There were fireworks –
Inside my stomach,
Sparkling, whizzing,
Spinning, and lurching.
There always were
when you were near.
The biggest and the brightest
Burst… lightening in the sky…
It’s falling embers came
and burned my heart
The night I returned
To that empty flat.
So long ago now I can’t
Remember if you left a note.
I think you did
But reading it would be
Impossible through such tears.
I often wonder where
You went, and where you are,
Only in the desire for
Your well-being.


© griffonner 2022



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  1. A poem is more than a poem when it speaks to our own experience; and this did for me – I do wonder where she is now, and I blame myself. Well done, Allen, as always you have nailed it!

    1. Experience of life, eh? How many forms of love to we experience in this physical reality, I wonder. Hundreds? Thousands? If we truly had our eyes open and our hearts, I bet it would be hundreds of thousands. I always say that when we look at a beautiful sunset, or sunrise, or even the wondrous sight of a starlit sky, we are appreciating what Nature is giving us, and that is a form of love. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Dougie.


  2. You described this perfectly. Love comes in different forms, that is for sure. When we are young we seek out the fireworks and the deep feelings that drive us out of our comfort zones just for the thrill! I remember feeling this way about someone when I was younger. It is not the same love I have for my husband. It was unstable, unhealthy, and came with waving emotions yet at the time, I felt I couldn’t be without it.

  3. wow griffonner, pain is dripping out of this poem and even I can feel it. The comparisons you have made, reading them makes me go like wow, you are super talented and a great artist. You paint such a meaningful image in readers’ minds which is just commendable. And yeah I can understand how devastating it must be coming to an empty house where once joy used to reside. Amazing poem.

  4. The poem describes an experience in a deeper sense. I can feel the auther pain and feeling of longing to the loved one. Once again, this poem resonates with me and my older self who used to love passionately and let the fire inside me drives me to deeper feelings of love.

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