February 2, 2023


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At this point, five, while it’s still dark,
The past can be discarded, all its hooks
And razors pushed behind.  The future
Remains out of view, still formless, not
The thing which soon will have its
Hand upon my throat.  I stare out at some
Distant lights, and drink the day’s first
Cup of coffee, wishing that I had the means
To keep away the light.


© Lawrence Beck 2022





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5 thoughts on “FIVE

  1. It says how the writer thinks and plans about his past and future. But here, it shows that the writer has some uncertainty of his future. This conveys how people think about the past and future in daily life within a few lines. However, as humans we have to accept our past without regret and face the future without fear. And the most important thing is handling the present with confidence. Whenever we focus the mind on the present moment, we can live in peace.

  2. A perfect summation, succinct and spare, of the bleak acceptance of living another day. This could not be bettered!

  3. How we think abiut the past , present and future differ from one person to another. The writer tries so much to explain the reality he is facing and the dilema that is upon him. I love the expression of words and how he presented the idea.

  4. This is very relatable, let me give an example, when we were in school and we had our exam and we weren’t prepared we wished that something might happen and the exam gets canceled, could something save us from the exam? It is life we fear the challenges but we don’t have any other option other than facing them. Everything passes, the day comes after a dark night, and sunsets and darkness come back. change is constant. Neither the bad time will last forever nor the good time. Excellent writing, so few words but such a big thing you have said in it.

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