February 2, 2023


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My brother had two kids before me. A boy who knows
everything and a girl in a sunflower dress.

Before the birth of my son, I would ask about his day.
What new words did the children learn today? What books
are they reading now? What’s for dinner?

He’d reply succinctly: same shit, different day.

My son’s a year old. We no longer have those Facetimes.
Instead, we complain about the pandemic,

the cost of wheat, the price of inflation. We worry about
#adulting so they can worry about nothing.
We comb their hair, warm their food, read them a stack
of books by Eric Carle and hope their world

will have no war. We hope they will have
butterflies and caterpillars that are never hungry.


© Elisa Wei 2022




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4 thoughts on “CHILDHOOD

  1. Totally correct Elisa. Now we do not have facetimes with our children, but we have to struggle with economic war. As well as we have become helicopter parents to give children a good future unlike what we experienced as parents. However, I am unsure whether the children in this generation can learn valuable life skills and human qualities in their childhood. This timely poem is infused with truth.

  2. The transition between “normal life” in 2019 to 2020 was, it was just hard. I have seen a lot of relationships get tested. It seems like we have all felt differently since then and even now, with this war. I can relate to this. When I do see family, we talk about our fears over the future more than anything.

  3. This is deeper than my first impression. At first, I wondered why some of the statements didn’t scan – I mean asking about his son’s day before he was born? But then, why not, we are in a topsy-turvy world – with our heads down our pants. So yes, this poem spoke to me of the cryptic fear of a parent who is looking at the bleak future for their child.

    Bravo Elisa!

  4. Thoughtful and very well written poem. Times have changed and we no longer live the way we used to. Children grow with less affection from us parents because we are too focused on how to make a better life for them. Inflation and wars have changed everything. I hope they wi somehow grow to face a better world.

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