February 2, 2023


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When intricate ice woven radiance
drifts from heavy leaden clouds,
winter lets its platinum hair down.

Wisps of flakes hold fast to wet trees
now naked of their jeweled blazes of glory.

Lush pungent spruce trees are cool
sanctuaries year ‘round and
sway along the Appalachian trail
glimmering like a forest in a snow globe.

You must not be mesmerized
by skyfall’s pride.
Do not greet this quiet descending world
sitting idly to have a frozen diadem
placed on your head.
There is a regrettable price to be paid
for that crown.

Winter will kiss you with its blue lips
and slip its icy hand into yours
for the pleasure of feeling it grow
inanimate and chilled.

So keep your fires high
your woolen blankets mended
and your loved ones close.

When fierce glacier eyes
of wintertide set their sights on you
there will be no danger.

Only the wonder of this wedding white
world will be revealed as winter unfurls.



© RiverBlue 2022


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5 thoughts on “GLACIER EYES

  1. I liked this poem, not least for the imagery – ‘winter lets its platinum hir down’. And there is a subtle message, that lovely as winter is, we should still seek the comfort of our woollen blankets.

  2. It’s beautiful. This is the first time I am reading your poems here. The poem is filled with metaphors and similes which allows me to create a nice imagery of winter. When I am reading this, I could really feel the winter smell of crisp cold snow and wet as well as the light dry feeling on my body…even in my throat. Keep writing!

  3. This is a beautiful description of winter, such a beautifully chilling season it is. I especially like “wedding white world” as a descriptive for snow covering. I have always had a sweet spot for poetry about nature and the changing seasons. This reminds me so much of a poem my mother wrote when she was younger. I actually kept a lot of her writings and drawings because they keep me close to her.

  4. Wonderful written, winter summerized in unique way. I love this poem and your wrting style is such a gem. Keep doing great work.

  5. This is a beautiful and evocative description of the winter landscape. The use of imagery and metaphor is particularly impressive, effectively conveying the delicate beauty of winter. The descriptions of the snowflakes, the lush trees and the Appalachian trail create a sense of serenity and peacefulness that is truly captivating. The idea of experiencing the chill and the inanimation of the hand as part of the beauty of winter is also an interesting and unique perspective. Overall it was a lovely poem, I really enjoyed reading it and liked it a lot.

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