February 2, 2023


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READING: So Then You Held My Hand…

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So Then You Held My Hand



A very heartfelt poem that I wrote for my wife in 2005. Based upon the memory of that first magical moment that… she held my hand in that special way.


… so then you held my hand and showed me the heavens …

I had never seen before … never seen so many stars.
We watched their progress across the velvet sky –
as mystical, dark, and deep, as your sparkling eyes –
and waited for the miracle that we knew would come.
An electric air surrounded us, charged by a million volts
that crackled, fizzed, and waited to be breathed.

… I knew there would be angels somewhere close at hand …

Their feathers gently fanning a divine sensation.
A harmless flame against our skin, setting light
a bright new star which bore our names; just yours and mine.
A million lustrous butterflies – as soft as down –
descended into our bellies and lent their pearlescent wings
to our trembling hearts – waiting to be joined.

… I did not fear the passing of such ecstasy …

And when the shooting stars had all spent their million sparks
and I thought I knew you in every way –
the layers of passion peeled away, understood –
my eyes opened upon a velvet soul, ever young,
that was larger and deeper than the heavens, brighter than stars,
and it joined with me – waiting to be born.



© Allen Ansell 2005, 2021, 2022

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9 thoughts on “READING: So Then You Held My Hand…

  1. This reading (by the author himself) was featured on UKAuthors in 2005 and was awarded the commendation then known as ‘the nib’.

    Member ‘Rania’ said of it, “Wow..The poem is absolutely enchanting..And hearing you read it yourself only makes it more captivating. So eloquently written and read ;)”

    And ‘Jolen Whitworth’ (an author on Parapraxis) at that time commented, “OH Griffonner, I just got back from a PC crash, and what a joy to come back to such beautiful work as this. I about melted with your stunning imagery. And your read? OH my goodness, what a voice. mmmmm.”

    Sadly, since this recording the Author suffered, and overcame, a throat cancer, which has significantly altered his vocal capabilities.

  2. A powerful heartfelt love and passion between two souls. I admire how the writer expressed his inner feelings to the one he loves. Such a powerful way to turn someone on. Great poem.

  3. When I was scrolling down Facebook this morning, I saw a lovely wedding photo with the tagline that said miracles are possible. This girl is a friend of mine. Four years ago, she got divorced from her former husband. Actually, her former husband is not a good person. He cheated her and did not treat her well. Since then, she had been really disappointed in life. She lived her life without hopes or expectations. She never believed in the future. But, after about two years finally she met a person who really loves and respects her. He really cares about her and her happiness. Whenever she is happy or sad, he is there to comfort her. Anyway, today is their wedding day. So, when i read this poem i could feel her emotions for him through this. As you said, he held her hand and showed her the heaven of life. But that may be larger and deeper than the heaven for her. However, I know that she is waiting to be born again with him.

  4. I am in awe for you Allen, this is just something I have never read before. “A million lustrous butterflies as soft as down descended into our bellies and lent their pearlescent wings, to our trembling hearts – waiting to be joined.” These lines just made me go WOW!! Seriously this piece is one of my favorites and I heard the audio which made it an even better version of it. I am just short of words right now to express my admiration and appreciation for you. I bow to you, sir!

  5. Reading this while being committed to a healthy marriage, made my eyes wet. The beautiful fact about this is how you have been able to convey the divine feeling of love, affection, and care that goes with this bond. Especially the phrase “A million lustrous butterflies as soft as down descended into our bellies and lent their pearlescent wings to our trembling hearts” perfectly shows how spiritual the bond is and how divine help comes when the times are low.

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