January 28, 2023


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So Then You Held My Hand

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So Then You Held My Hand


A very heartfelt poem that I wrote for my wife in 2005. Based upon the memory of that first magical moment that… she held my hand in that special way.


… so then you held my hand and showed me the heavens …

I had never seen before … never seen so many stars.
We watched their progress across the velvet sky –
as mystical, dark, and deep, as your sparkling eyes –
and waited for the miracle that we knew would come.
An electric air surrounded us, charged by a million volts
that crackled, fizzed, and waited to be breathed.

… I knew there would be angels somewhere close at hand …

Their feathers gently fanning a divine sensation.
A harmless flame against our skin, setting light
a bright new star which bore our names; just yours and mine.
A million lustrous butterflies – as soft as down –
descended into our bellies and lent their pearlescent wings
to our trembling hearts – waiting to be joined.

… I did not fear the passing of such ecstasy …

And when the shooting stars had all spent their million sparks
and I thought I knew you in every way –
the layers of passion peeled away, understood –
my eyes opened upon a velvet soul, ever young,
that was larger and deeper than the heavens, brighter than stars,
and it joined with me – waiting to be born.



© Allen Ansell 2005, 2021, 2022


You can listen to the author reading this poem HERE


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1 thought on “So Then You Held My Hand

  1. When this poem was published on UKAuthors.com, member ‘Cindy’ said of it, “Hello Griffonner, This is the very first piece I have read on here that has moved me to tears…such passion and intensity….I adore this one. Thanks for moving me …..heart,soul and mind. Cindy.”

    Member ‘Elfstone’ commented, “I’ve only just caught up with this G and I’m so glad I did; it is beautiful, just beautiful. One of the best poems I’ve read in nearly 2 years on this site. Elfstone.”

    Member ‘skinnyscot’ said, “If only someone could write like that for me! Stunningly beautiful.”

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