February 2, 2023


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my mind comes rustling like an old, dried snake;


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Three o’clock, as I’m now wide awake,

my mind comes rustling like an old, dried snake;

coming to shed its skin of past regrets,

the ones I wish I could only forget.


Non regret: we may gratuitously say,

but how can we escape our memory?

To live is to be – catching us easily;

like an insect in amber – perfectly!


Stuck in thinking, only wanting to sleep,

Until sleep then takes me in again deep,

where a dream house arises within me;

opening its door, I entered a city;


That abiding city that’s inside myself,

where a child’s voice is now calling to me;

a voice from childhood needing attention.

for all the lost days, weeks, and years,


That all too soon have disappeared,

now lost in the sieve of my memory,

and being impermanent they cannot stay,

as all things must now pass away;


While I dream upon the net of time,

make assignments in the night,

until recalled by dawns early chime,

and awakened to another day.


And it is only in days that we live;

the days, the weeks, and years,

that all too soon shall disappear,

Leaving us as always – just here.


© D G Moody 2022



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6 thoughts on “Penetralium

  1. I feel this has a simple scientific review about how the human mind and brain work on memories. Non regret: we may gratuitously say, but how can we escape our memory? yes of course, some types of memories stick around longer. Even though we say we can escape from them, it is very hard to do it practically. In my opinion, if we want to stop thinking about the past, we need to practice our minds. I believe, it is only possible for people who developed their minds.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Amanda. And a very interesting interpretation of the poem, not one that I’d considered. As I mentioned to Allen, this was and still is difficult effort, that to me still need further development; so maybe I’ll go back to it.

  2. A meditation on existence is this. I followed along the thread of your thoughts with ease, and then at the last line felt a desire to contradict… or rather add…

    “Leaving us as always – just here.”

    … “or there”… because I feel that just as memories are impermanent, so too is the place of consciousness.

    But that does not detract from your poem, Dougie.

    Thank you for sharing on Parapraxis.


    1. Thanks Allen: and yes, I can see where this still needs some shaping; it was and is a difficult subject. And on existence; are we ever anywhere else but here, I wonder? As my old Buddhist teacher used to say: ‘Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is the unknown, and now is the knowing.

      1. Dougie, I did not in any way mean to suggest that your poem needed altering. What I intended was to say to you what came into my mind as I finished reading it, and that was where it ended with ‘just here’, because of my beliefs, I mentally added ‘or there’ to the line. Perhaps I should have said in my opening sentence, “A fine meditation on existence, this”.

  3. To be able to stay and think and remembering old memories and how time passes is such a great thing to do from time to time. I usually meditate and ask myself so many questuons that i do not know and find ways to get answers for my soul. We can not escape our memories

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