February 2, 2023


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Under New Suns



It strikes me as utterly strange

that Anna’s youngest grandkids

– the twins Harry and Ville, 18 months old –

will consider me, if at all,

as an anonymous shadow out of the past,

only experienced, perhaps, as an insignificant name,

fleeting past in some adult conversation,

at the best in a story of some exotic behaviour of mine

that survives me,

though, at the time of writing, at almost 74,

I work so hard, out of lust and inspiration,

with exercise, sound art and poetry

in a life full of life, eagerly absorbed

in project after gigantic project,

just for the pleasure of working

and applying what only I can apply,

with the individual flavour that I have been allotted,

and which all people, in their own ways, possess,

whether they’re aware of it or not


So where does it all fit together?

Where does it connect?

Because surely all things do connect,

in the generative fabric of the Tao


And some day

later generations will listen

as Ville’s and Harry’s names breeze by

like autumn leaves in a flurry,

themselves long gone,

shadows of old men

having served well;

their offspring fulfilling new worlds

as far as imagination reaches,

where last breaths are waves

to surf

under new suns




© Ingvar Loco Nordin 2022

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4 thoughts on “UNDER NEW SUNS

  1. Ingvar, thank you so much for sharing this poem with us. It is reflective of so much of my own thinking at this stage of my life. It makes me consider that, as your second stanza says, “Because surely all things do connect, in the generic fabric of the Tao”, it is too much of a coincidence that individual souls have concluded this thought through the ages that in a tiny way that similarity of thinking is in itself reflective of all things connecting in the end? Not so much the chicken and egg syndrome, more the circle of Tao.

  2. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem. As I read through I imagined myself at an old age, looking at younger generation and how they see the world while i will be remembering how life used to be when I was younger. All things are connected for sure.

  3. Getting older is inevitable. However still I have no idea how will i spend my old age and how will it be like… but I feel one thing ….in future people may not experience the joy of living with their families at old age like Anna does. Like Harry and Ville, grandkids may not grow up around elderly people …because today lifestyle has changed with industrialization. young people have tendency to be highly mobile.

  4. This is a beautifully written and contemplative piece that effectively captures the ideas of time, legacy, and the fleeting nature of one’s impact on future generations. Anyone who has taken birth on this planet will die for sure someday. A person can only live after his body is buried by his work, his name, and the legacy he leaves behind. “change is the only constant”, today we remember Albert einstein, Shakespeare, and dickens, for their work in their fields, but it is not necessary that even after 100-200 years from now they will be remembered the way they are today. Everything changes, it might be painful as an artist but it is the reality that we have to accept. The point of view of a 15-year-old and a 20-year-old is not the same nowadays they think very differently and have interests in different directions, it is just unimaginable how much difference would be there between the point of view of a grandson and a grandfather, because of evolution. A great poem you have written very thought-provoking.

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