February 2, 2023


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Where The Acorn Grows

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Where The Acorn Grows

This was inspired (kind of) by my reading ‘The battle of the trees’ in Robert Graves book “The White Goddess”



On the last day I went walking through a forest;

Speaking to the trees.

Great strong trees that listened to my fears,

And rustled some soft applause…

For they understood.


The powerful mighty oak gave me first a leaf

Showing Autumn’s sleep,

Then an acorn to plant where I wished

To see new life full flowing…

For just a short while.


The aged wind, it blew a kiss onto my cheeks

Drying away tears…

Caressing through my grey tussled hair…

And then it too was taken…

Fast and fleet away.


The silver birch bent low, down towards my tired head

Passing me his seeds…

A million in one catkin, he said…

Then wept, as they all were dead –

As I soon would be.


I lay me down to take my last and final breath

Beneath a dark sky,

Shaded by the understanding trees…

And proudly walked head held high

Straight towards the dark.


Now, each day I plant a kiss on my children’s lips,

Whilst they sleep at night…

And guide my lover each and every day

Towards life’s new beginning…

When, too, comes her day…


…where the acorn grows.



© Allen Ansell 2022



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5 thoughts on “Where The Acorn Grows

  1. Such a powerful poem, i love the connection between human and nature and the last stanza is beatiful written. Family is an important element in life and it is wonderful to see the love you share with your children and wife.

  2. Impressive writing Allen, I’d say it is terrific writing. The way you have summarized one’s life is just great, we wake up as the day begins and we get old as time flies, day gets cold as time flies, and at last, comes the night and our death. We never know which one is our last sunrise, so we should share our love with our beloved ones and live to the fullest. PS: the use of imagery was excellent. keep it up.

  3. Excellent poem Allen, and I liked the connection to The White Goddess. I thought the referencing of life’s arising and passing in terms of the wisdom of the trees was a most apt simile.

  4. The way you express life through nature is truly beautiful. Life is full of responsibilities. Many people are unable to escape from their family responsibilities even after death. They still have to play their role much more strongly than before. The last stanza shows it well. However, it is the stanza that touches my heart the most here.

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