February 2, 2023


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The Long Call

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I always breath freer when I’m out at sea, knowing there can be no land near to me.

THE LONG CALL (Image courtesy of Mark Millmore)


              Outbound from Orkney


Away from the land and now out to sea,

is where the long call of the Herring Gull

reminds me of her abiding call to me.

Calling me now with her love and desire,

calling me from the ice back to our fire;

though she knew I would always forsake her,

that I could follow the widow maker.


     What am I now, that you leave me?

     Watching your oars pull out to sea.

     Away now from your kith and home;

     free to go wherever you may roam.


That cold drear bitch shall be leading me on,

enticing me with her seducing song.

Leading me to where gold and death might lie;

over the horizon and past the sky.

Now’s she’s my fate and I must embrace her;

she is my thrall – the grey widow maker.


     Leaving behind the hearth we shared.

     The sod fire and the hot pelt nights;

     When each to each was all we desired.

     Leaving me now with kids you sired.


I always breath freer when I’m out at sea,

knowing there can be no land near to me.

Wrapped in my cloak, can you hear my repine?

In the long call – ‘I am here, and you are mine’


                                                   © D G Moody 2022

                                         (Image courtesy of Mark Millmore)



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5 thoughts on “The Long Call

    1. Thanks Allen. The tag says it: A homage to Kipling; to his great poem: Harp Song of the Dane Women. And of course it is but a pale shadow by comparison.

  1. Such a wonderful poem, the description of the connection and the longing is so deep. I always love your work and this is incredible piece of writing.

    1. Thank you Kiula, for your comments and I’m glad you liked it. As I said above it was an exercise in ‘shadowing’ a respected poet, in this case Rudyard Kipling. And while he is now out of favour in some quarters, I do believe his work will outlive most of what passes today for prose and poetry.

  2. I feel that this is a very evocative poem about love, loss, and the enduring power of desire. I can feel the depth of this poem and the intensity of emotions you have written it with. This is a very beautifully written and deeply moving poem.

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