February 2, 2023


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Niemisel – Nyköping & Vice Versa

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Niemisel - Nyköping & Vice Versa


A thousand kilometers stretch

between my book collections,

and life is halved and doubled;

each homecoming a resumed reading;

every departure an aborted one


but departures as well as returns

include both implications

of the peculiarities of travel;

of the nature of movement;

the going and the coming

in the Yin & Yang of relocation,

when all homecomings carry,

in themselves, departures and fare thee wells;

every leaving housing an appearance, a reunion


The two characteristics of the journey

are life and death,

confusingly and blindingly similar;

birth and demise in one gaze;

thus a dichotomy of the elastic present

and an entanglement across the distances;

shortening and lengthening of thoughts and emotions;

acceleration and deceleration

in a playfully serious tug-of-war;

the undulating steel song of the rail

through the depths of great forests;

an intertwining of lives


But since my northern habitat is inhabited

by Anna and the animals,

and therefore always in flux,

whereas my southern abode is a man cave

and a retreat,

where everything is as it was

when I return,

their Yin & Yang are wrung out of equilibrium,

oscillating like two celestial objects

of different mass and density,

caught in a cosmic dance;

a vast ellipse of living;

a powerful imbalance

of closeness and desolation;

of silence and voices,

of that which was and that which becomes,

of missing and the joy of reuniting;

of love and the longing for love;

of hunger for solitude

and the leap out of loneliness;

The movement in itself pregnant with revelations

on the threshold of the unforeseen

that sprouts in every crack of existence,

out of the potentiality of a myriad worlds

wrapped in an immeasurably thin veil

of time and space

in the tremendous creative power

of every wasted second


© Ingvar Loco Nordin 2022


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2 thoughts on “Niemisel – Nyköping & Vice Versa

  1. Niemisel – Nyköping. I recommend ‘googling’ those two words; these will take the reader to Ingvar’s cycle journey. Also, it gave me a key to the poem, the clue being ‘A thousand kilometers stretch between my book collections’. And while there is a journey here, it seems to me to be more than just the route he took then, but also of life’s greater journey. A good poem, thank you Ingvar.

  2. Personally, I can relate to the idea of having two homes and the emotions associated with them. The concept of “Yin & Yang” of relocation is something that I have experienced myself, and your reflections on the movement in itself being pregnant with revelations on the threshold of the unforeseen are something that I have personally felt. The author’s reflections on the complexities of the journey and the nature of the movement are something that I believe many people can relate to. Overall, this is a well-written, evocative, and thought-provoking piece that effectively captures the complexities of the journey and the nature of the movement.

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