February 2, 2023


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After The Wake

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After The Wake



She will remember him, won’t she?

When she opens up the cupboard door

To set the place for tea.

One less setting, one empty chair.

Twisting excruciating in her belly,

Cutting across her throat…

He will not be there.


She will remember him, for sure…

In the quiet when she cannot sleep –

In that enormous bed.

The pillow uncrumpled and clean.

No point in anticipating his soft touch.

No breathing beside her…

Where he would have been.


She will remember him, I know…

When the grass is growing much too long –

In the garden, alone –

Beside the smart new sandstone wall.

One more job accumulating without him…

When she will give anything

To have him… that’s all.


She will remember him, and cry…

When we have all gone after the day –

When he was lowered –

Back to the rich and ginger grime,

And the house reverberating spoken tears

And our nervous laughter,

Gives memory… time.


But most of all… she will remember him… won’t she?




© Allen Ansell 2022






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7 thoughts on “After The Wake

  1. This reminds me of my grandma. My grandparents are true partners in life. They’ve been through plenty of hard times, but they took their vows very seriously and decided their relationship was worth it.They’ve been through it all together. for rich or for poor, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. It’s been 3 years since my grandpa passed away. But still she cannot make up her mind. Through this poem it conveys the pain of my grandma for her loving husband.
    “She will remember him, for sure…
    In the quiet when she cannot sleep –
    In that enormous bed.”
    This is a very heartfelt piece

    1. Thank you for your very personal comment, Amanda. I hope that you grandma finds more acceptance in his passing. I am certain that the pain will diminish, but the sense of loss will remain… hopefully in gradually diminished form as the years pass. She will remember him, of course. Blessings and love, Allen

  2. Such a clear evocation of loss; as always Allen you render the subject in unflinching language. And yes, we have seen what loss means: the dead live in memory, and the simple reminders of a life once shared. Bravo!

  3. I can completely connect with this poem, I lost my father a year ago, and we miss him doing everything, whenever we made tea we recalled how much he liked it, and sometimes we said to make a cup for dad, it is painful. My mom misses him the most, losing a partner is one of the worst things. Really well described allen, I feel the pain in the poem.

  4. The pain of losing someone… “When he was lowered” Aah. Only reading this makes my heart heavy. Such immense power in words <3

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