February 1, 2023


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Mirrors reflect my World
Daily I look in them and see
words on their pseudo paper:
Ever since I succumbed
to the glistening technology –
those reflections are seen
in any number of syllables.
They are amalgamated by my brain –
forecast rain, forecast pain,
forecast the demise of places
once thought totally invincible.
And with them come sounds
uttered by mouths out of sync
with the reality of the scene.
But they have sunk beneath
their greed and their subjugation
of anyone who dare to think
a different or individual way;
or breathed some foreign prayer
to an alternate colored God;
or felt the love of fellow men
treated badly by a vicious system.
I often ask myself why it is
I do not think the same way
as these false shaman of good?
Had I not been sent away
to boarding school when very young
then I might have grown to mirror
the thoughts and patterns
of they who begot me more closely:
instead I lived through formative
years with alien ideals
implanted in my virgin brain –
ensuring I could never be the same
and lived instead with constant friction.
I spoke a foreign form of diction
to even those who bore me.



© Allen Ansell 2022, 2023



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4 thoughts on “IMAGES IN THE MIRRORS

  1. A telling poem, that lays bare the falseness in the ‘metaverse’ – the never sleeping cacophony of biased news and views, and the vomit of celebrity living; or so I read it thus. And good that we can see through it; well said Allen.

  2. I agree social media plays a huge role in influencing someone’s mindset, that’s why nowadays psychological wars are fought using social media. I can relate to the feelings of disconnection and friction that the author describes, and I believe that this piece is a reminder that everyone’s experiences and perspectives are unique and valid.

  3. Well written poem, explains how we are hooked into todays ways of life and fictions, we are living in a matrix programmed to live a certain life without realising that we are losing our true selves. I have learned alot from this poem. Well done.

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