January 28, 2023


Writer's Showcase

Jolen Whitworth

Jolen Whitworth is an award winning American poet who has resided in England for the past 14 years, During that time, she has worked as a poetry editor for such magazines as Gold Dust and Illuminata as well as having her work featured in countless anthologies. Jolen’s voice is unmistakable, honest and accessible, which has led to her work winning poetry competitions all around the world. Jolen is a mother, grandmother and fierce champion for the underdog. Neither she, nor her work shies away from fighting for what she believes in. Yet, there is a tender romanticism in her work which is hopeful, nostalgic and inspirational. These qualities make her poetry interesting and relevant to both our everyday struggles and the dreamers within us all. Jolen is a self didactic who although had some formal eduction, taught herself for most of her life, her interests are eclectic and her love of words infectious. Jolen lives with her English husband and three Yorkshire terriers in West Yorkshire and they like to spend their free time traveling whenever time permits.

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