February 2, 2023


Writer's Showcase

Naomi Sara

Run from ordinary! Live in Extraordinary! I'm an English teacher, translator, writer and French from Quebec, Canada. I love to just relish in all the unique, extraordinary, craziness that lives within myself and everyone else. I don't like so much the mustardy smell of ordinary. I often catch myself wishing I could live in the extraordinary lands along with the characters I've created in my novels. It would be so awesome! I would immediately change realms for sure! However, I'm not nuts! Well, not completely anyway. I think. I do realise I'm non-fictional and must live in the reality of our mundane world. Although, I am a novel writer much more than I am a poet. I hope you will enjoy my writes. I love to read your comments so take the time to jot down a few lines. I'd really appreciate it.

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