February 2, 2023


Writer's Showcase



Parapraxis (a slip of the tongue) is the ‘shop window’ to a wide variety of written work – mostly my own I must confess, but that was the whole idea of the site in the first place: I am Allen Ansell and I have written under the pseudonym of ‘Griffonner’ for many years. Thanks for visiting Parapraxis today.

I keep telling people that my web site is continually evolving.  It’s a fact. Often the changes that get made are as the result of user feedback, so if you have any ideas of how I can improve the experience of visiting Parapraxis please click on that ‘contact’ button and let me know your thoughts.

Have you noticed the site now has a ‘submit’ button?  So apart from just making contact (see above) you can submit your own  written work for consideration.  No guarantees that everything submitted will be published – that depends on a lot of things including space and bandwidth – but every single submission is very greatly appreciated and welcomed.

I continue to be honoured and proud that featured artists have contributed their work to Parapraxis.  The richness and variety of their work adds greatly to the appeal of the site.

None of we authors are conceited enough to think you would like everything we write, and we really do WANT to know what you think of it, so please do take those couple of minutes to leave a comment on what you have read.  I can’t express enough the importance of hearing from our readers in this way, because writing is often an extremely lonely occupation. The author freely puts his or her work ‘out there’ , and without comment has no idea how it is received – how it makes people feel.  Please help make it a two way process by commenting.

Thank YOU for visiting and reading today. I hope you have an enjoyable and rewarding time whilst you are here.

Sending you my very best wishes, or, as I prefer…

… to send you…

Blessings and Love,




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