The HISTORY of Parapraxis

Parapraxis was the 'brainchild' of Allen Ansell, it's admin. It had two incarnations since its inception, this, the second and latest, is about to close it's doors.

Allen interpreted the word parapraxis to mean 'a slip of the tongue' and at the time of naming the site he had his own tongue firmly planted in his cheek! His idea was to create a place for publishing his own writing all in one place after thirty or more years of having it spread around the internet on various and varied writing sites. For most of that time he wrote under the pseudonym 'Griffonner', and indeed still does from time to time. Here on Parapraxis you could say the mask was dropped as all his featured works are attributed to him under his real name.

So that, dear reader, was the origin of the site.

It wasn't long before Allen invited other authors to put their work on the site too, it added variety to the style and content of the web site. That proved popular and the site became open to submissions from anyone who registered their interest in Parapraxis.

The site was always evolving and was always open to suggestions, which resulted in one of the easiest to navigate of it's genre.

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