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Although many people dream of their writing ending up in a book, just as many, if not more, write simply for the pleasure of it.  Whichever group you belong to (assuming you do) Parapraxis offers a place designed specifically to showcase the written work of our members, be they successful authors or the 'hobbyist' writer, with a pure book-like (or 'magazine-like') format.

It follows that it is an online place people come to to read and be entertained.  All the main genres of writing are accommodated here, so as a reader you should find that your preferred medium is catered for. And it is free!  No annoying prompts for you to pay something... we do however hope to coerce you into writing even the tiniest little bit yourself in the comments box beneath each article.


Parapraxis is the 'brainchild' of Allen Ansell, our admin. It has had two incarnations since its inception, this being the second and latest.

Allen interpreted the word parapraxis to mean 'a slip of the tongue' and at the time of naming the site he had his own tongue firmly planted in his cheek!  His idea was to create a place for publishing his own writing all in one place after twenty or more years of having it spread around the internet on various and varied writing sites.  For most of that time he wrote under the pseudonym 'Griffonner', and indeed still does from time to time. Here on Parapraxis you could say the mask is removed as all his works are attributed to him under his real name. 

So that, dear reader, is the origin of the site.

It wasn't long before Allen invited a few authors to put their work on the site too - to add variety to the style and content.  This proved so popular that now the site is open to submissions from anyone who registers their interest. (Have a look at the 'Register' page accessed from .)

The site is always evolving and is always up for suggestions - use the 'Contact' page to send them in.

This site has a positive SSL certificate.


Hello. I am so pleased that you have stopped by to have a look around Parapraxis.  People frequently ask me how this all came about, and what drives me to continue with it into my retirement. Well, simply put, I do it all for my love of writing. I finance it entirely out of my own pocket to keep it free of commercial influence.

That aside, I want to impress on you that I am honoured and proud that fellow writers have contributed and allowed their work to be featured on Parapraxis.  The richness and variety of their work adds enormously to the appeal of the site.

I am sure that none of us are conceited enough to think you would like everything we write, and we really do WANT to know what you think of it,  so please do take those couple of minutes to leave a comment on what you have read.  You might think I am making a 'big thing' about commenting, but I can't express enough the importance of hearing from our readers in this way.  Please help make visiting Parapraxis a two way process by commenting on what you read - good or bad (but no profanities please, this is a friendly meeting place).

Thank YOU again for visiting and reading today. I hope you have an enjoyable and rewarding time whilst you are here.

Sending you my very best wishes, or, as I prefer to send you...

Blessings and brotherly Love,