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Hello, my name is Allen Ansell, often writing with the pseudonym 'Griffonner'. Writing is my preferred way of transposing my imagination into the physical world. A fair proportion of my writing I would describe as being 'inspirational'. I currently reside in South West France with my wife, Linda. We have two adult daughters and two grandchildren who live in the United Kingdom.
You can find more of my work in various places on the Internet, including ABCtales.com, UKAuthors.com, Allpoetry.com and PoetBay.com

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I'm now retired having previously worked in local government . With my wife (and Springer Spaniel) we live in a village between Cambridge and St Ives. Apart from writing I enjoy cooking, reading, walking, and DIY. My writing is influenced by my travels and life abroad, and my involvement in different religions - Christian and Buddhist, plus an interest in history and current affairs. My poetry and prose reflects my interests and life experience and is still in the process of developing into what I hope may be of interest to the reader.

You can read more of dougimoody's work at https://www.poetbay.com/poetHome.php?writerId=9406.
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Ingvar describes himself as "Poet, sound artist, biker, hiker, skier." You can find more about this talented artist at https://music.metason.net/artistinfo?name=Ingvar%20Loco%20Nordin - and more of his poetry and other written works can be found at these links:

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Born 68 years ago in Florida, I grew up in Bellevue, Washington. My childhood was unexceptionally suburban. I knocked around quite a bit after finishing high school, bouncing from college to college to trade school to crummy jobs which allowed me to live in poverty in Seattle. Eventually, I got married, moved to the Midwest, and picked up a couple of college degrees. My wife and I ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. We have four grown children and four grandchildren. After having assembled statistical reports for an electrical utility, written online and hard copy analyses of financial markets for credit unions around the nation, and taught economics at the local community college, I now work part time at a discount store.
Yopu can see more of Lawrence's poetry at this link:

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Run from ordinary! Live in Extraordinary! I'm an English teacher, translator, writer and French from Quebec, Canada. I love to just relish in all the unique, extraordinary, craziness that lives within myself and everyone else. I don't like so much the mustardy smell of ordinary. I often catch myself wishing I could live in the extraordinary lands along with the characters I've created in my novels. It would be so awesome! I would immediately change realms for sure! However, I'm not nuts! Well, not completely anyway. I think. I do realise I'm non-fictional and must live in the reality of our mundane world. Although, I am a novel writer much more than I am a poet. I hope you will enjoy my writes. I love to read your comments so take the time to jot down a few lines. I'd really appreciate it.

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You can find more of River Blue's writing on Allpoetry.com, including "No Waking from This", "Footsteps of Her", "Levitation And Beheaded Roses" and "Sicily Though a Car Window" to name just a few of her impressive three-hundred-and seventy plus portfolio. These can be found on at https://allpoetry.com/River_Blue

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Luigi Pagano, born in Italy, has lived in England since 1961. Married, has two daughters and lives in Cheshire. He has published four poetry collections entitled “Idle Thoughts”, “Reflections”, “Poetry on Tap” and “Cherry on Top”. The anthologies “Sporting Chance” (Boho Press) and “Voices From the Web” 2, 3. 4 and 5 (UKA Press) include some of his work. He was also featured in “Take Five Poets” and “Kiss of the Sun” (I*D Books), “Land of Stories” (Bar None books), La Fenêtre magazine.
You can read more of Luigi's work at both ABCtales.com and UKAuthors.com.
Luigi's personal web site can be found at: http://gigipagano.wixsite.com/mysite

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SPOTLIGHT is a special feature on Parapraxis where emphasis is given by the editor to written work that may be by authors not regularly featured on this site.

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Elisa Wei is a poet who hails from New York. USA. You can read more of Elisa's work at this link: https://allpoetry.com/Elisa_Wei

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Jolen Whitworth is an award winning American poet who has resided in England for the past 14 years, During that time, she has worked as a poetry editor for such magazines as Gold Dust and Illuminata as well as having her work featured in countless anthologies. Jolen’s voice is unmistakable, honest and accessible, which has led to her work winning poetry competitions all around the world. Jolen is a mother, grandmother and fierce champion for the underdog. Neither she, nor her work shies away from fighting for what she believes in. Yet, there is a tender romanticism in her work which is hopeful, nostalgic and inspirational. These qualities make her poetry interesting and relevant to both our everyday struggles and the dreamers within us all. Jolen is a self didactic who although had some formal eduction, taught herself for most of her life, her interests are eclectic and her love of words infectious. Jolen lives with her English husband and three Yorkshire terriers in West Yorkshire and they like to spend their free time traveling whenever time permits.

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Joseph Moon is a poet who hails from New Jersey and you can find his work on AllPoetry.com

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I am Deeps. I live in India, and I have been writing poetry for a decade now. I am delighted that Allen has asked me to contribute my poem 'Upset' to Parapraxis.'

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