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"I think I am revelling in nostalgia a bit too much at times...  I see it as a phase of life that occurs when you realise just how old you really are!" Allen Ansell

The morning sun breaks through the window
and a new day has just begun.

"What will change this blessed day?"

"Everything", answers the Universe.

I should have known this of course,
not needed the prompt from Mind,
but there we are, I am what I am -
except, in future moments I become
someone new, someone different, someone.

As too, all things around me:

Timid kisses change to earnest pecks,
regularity begets life's boredom, and
time itself becomes too fast.
The body starts it greyward trend,
the horizon is daily closer by,
passionate embraces become holding hands,
rivers dry, the ocean rises,
the heartbeat quickens as we near the edge...
getting short of breath so soon
compared with how it was but yesterday...



Yet all the while, in every second,
taking new delight to realise afresh
there are still new things to learn
even now after all these bountiful years.

I want to know it all! 


Is that allowed?



© Allen Ansell 2023