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My pick today is a beautiful poem by a lady poet who I only know by her pseudonym "Unicorn Blaze". You can see more of her work at this link

I hope you enjoy reading this poem as much as I have (still do!)  You know, as a fellow poet,  I had to tell her that this poem almost left me breathless...  How do you describe in a few words all the imagery this fantastic poem creates in your mind's eye? 

So here it is... in her own words... "I've Kept Your Poems As Souvenirs"

I've kept your poems as souvenirs
sewed them into crochets
hanged them like
                  tonight i'm brewing upon the blurry edges of the moon
a sweet storm rattling through my ribcage, and how do I confess that I've missed missing you

  we, a parabolic narrative unrecalled
sanctified by violets and alchemy and yet goodbyes were
the only language we spoke of just because of a flyspeck in those stars

cinnamon eyes drenched in a monday sunshower, we wore red together,
smiles reminding me of a home long abandoned, a home that i lived in, warm embraces while your soft breaths etched my clavicle with memories of a full moon, graffiti on a midnight city, chrysanthemums, rabbit silhouettes, and mellow cotton-ended clouds falls like a backdrop as i festoon my tears into these words solely for you

             I miss talking to you
             my body turns homesick as i burrow every monochrome hue
             of my melancholy into the solace of your remembrance,
             worshipping love revered in every moment spent with you

i hope you're looking at the moon too
for once we could be looking at each other
without needing to say a word, without
needing to tell you that i love you

      zephyr seeps from the nostalgic petrichor gently
      did it start raining in your city too?

© Unicorn Blaze 2023