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… so then you held my hand and showed me the heavens …

I had never seen before ... never seen so many stars.
We watched their progress across the velvet sky -
as mystical, dark, and deep, as your sparkling eyes -
and waited for the miracle that we knew would come.
An electric air surrounded us, charged by a million volts
that crackled, fizzed, and waited to be breathed.

… I knew there would be angels somewhere close at hand …

Their feathers gently fanning a divine sensation.
A harmless flame against our skin, setting light
a bright new star which bore our names; just yours and mine.
A million lustrous butterflies – as soft as down -
descended into our bellies and lent their pearlescent wings
to our trembling hearts - waiting to be joined.            

… I did not fear the passing of such ecstasy …

And when the shooting stars had all spent their million sparks
and I thought I knew you in every way -
the layers of passion peeled away, understood -
my eyes opened upon a velvet soul, ever young,
that was larger and deeper than the heavens, brighter than stars,
and it joined with me - waiting to be born.

© Allen Ansell 2023