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Once, I dreamt of having her, of bringing
Her into my bed, and... I suppose you know
The rest, but I was stopped when she exclaimed
Indignantly that every man she met had just
Such thoughts in mind.  From then on, though
I cherished her, I made no effort to seduce her.
We would talk for hours as we smoked outside,
And we conspired gleefully against the world,
Family members, spouses, almost anybody
Passing by.  Those days are gone.  We both,
Now older, don't lust much or have to ward off
Those who do.  We've been instructed not
To smoke, but, when we get to be together,
We still steal away to sit outside and hatch
Fresh heinous plots.   I never got her into bed,
But I have had her otherwise, and happily,
For years.

© Lawrence Beck 2023