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Out of the Dark Stream my name was foretold,
I’m from the peat water – known to be bold.
I am the Serpent, chasing its tail,
joined in a circle it cannot fail.
I am of the seashore,
the mountains and woods,
which is where I should be:
as free as a hawk,
hunting its prey,
or delving as a mole –
hid neath the clay.
I am the pipes,
a Celtic lament,
whisky and black beer –
made to ferment;
or as fresh baked bread,
hot from the oven,
my hidden self,
sung to me by a woman.
I am a number,
linked to Heaven,
the mystical root,
known as a seven.
I am from the North
where people were free,
I honour the God
they nailed to a tree.

©D G Moody 2023