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So she sat with thoughts entwined
between the limbs of trees and
the tangled limbs of his and hers,
in this forest full of tall green pine.

Here and there the sun would brake
and spin a beam of sparkling light
to spear down at lightening speed -
less time than Eros' arrow would take

To spear a heart and quickly shackle
the heart to a dream or to fascination.
E'en before a virgin's mind would wake
from Love's nectar's intoxication.

The realisation she had found
released some tears and several sobs
muted greatly by falling cones
thumping to the earthen ground

A modern girl with broken heart
who'd seen the bold mendacity
of her lover's cyber conversations
that broke every one of her expectations...

boundaries, trusts, call them what you will.
And caught, he at once entreated
for her to stay as he loved her still:
but alone here she'd rather be thus seated...

Until all these safe tall pines
send her their strength and resolution.
Then she'll sigh and return to life
freeing herself from his diminution.

© Allen Ansell 2022