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War is on

A super power hits hard and unprovoked
on a small sovereign nation,
bombs showering Hanoi...
No, shit, it's Kyiv!

All hell breaks loose over the Mekong...
No... the Dnieper, for fuck's sake!

Yet, the war is raging,

but for once it's not the US who's waging

But... Washington's got the knack;
next unprovoked war they'll surely be back,
for they mostly fight for no reason,
as soon as the generals are in season,
napalm burning innocent skin,
Agent Orange making the foliages thin;
we know where the US is usually heading
with their drones dropping missiles on birthday and wedding

Now it's Russia,
next time the USA
This time it's Sasha,
later Peggy and Ray

let's leave it at that and this,

Russia and USA throw the same deadly kiss
They share an identical reputation;

when they come to visit it is an invasion.

© Ingvar Loco Nordin 2023